Road transportation

Road transportation is one of the main services, provided by Stante Russia.

STANTE Group is specialized in multimodal and road transportation from Europe to Russia and from Russia to Europe for over 40 years. Many offices in Italy provide various services for road transportation, due to the hundreds of modern terminals that carry out the daily accepting and dispatching of FTL and LTL trucks in major cities of Europe and Russia, from small packages to large industrial loads.

Stante Russia uses not only its own transport, but also thousands of trusted and reliable suppliers from different countries.

All transportation and selection of suppliers is carried out using a single and unique system on the Internet. Landbenchmark is an online system, designed exclusively for Stante Group. This system is used for quality control and maintenance of all road transport service.

The system is based on the algorithms that constantly measures and keeps track of:

  • Quality index of our carriers
  • Service level
  • Financial details of the carriers
  • The price level of suppliers
  • Standard routes

International and domestic road transportation for Russia are carried out by the various kinds of trucks:

  • Tilt trucks with capacity up to 22 Ton with a body volume from 3 up to 120 cubic meters;
  • Ref trucks with capacity up to 22 Ton with a body volume from 82 up to 86 cubic meters and temperature control from -20 to +20 degrees C.
  • Container trucks and platforms
  • Special equipment for heavy and bulky cargoes transportation

We can render the following kind of additional services:

  • Road transportation services of full (FTL) and LTL trucks
  • Dangerous goods ADR and cargo that requires temperature control
  • “Door to door” service
  • Urgent transportations
  • Obtaining the certificates and permit documentation
  • Customs clearance
  • Distribution of goods at bonded warehouses
  • Multiple loading places
  • Organization of the convoy
  • Tracking and tracing of cargo/ daily, weekly reports to customers
  • Organization of warehousing for foreign and Russian partner companies