Customs clearance

Stante Russia provides it’s road services with full load (FTL) and groupage freght (LTL) from Europe. We undertake any weight and volume: from small shipments to large oversized cargoes for industrial projects.
Transportation of full trucks begins at the point of loading and caaries on to the place of unloading and takes significantly less time, since it does not require additional operations with the warehouse.
The cargo is delivered according to a previously approved route, developed individually according to your request, in order to optimize the time and cost.
It is assumed that the cargo occupies most of the internal volume of the vehicle.
In the case of medium or small loads, the most appropriate option would be a combined transport or groupage (LTL). The cost of such transportation is lower compared to FTL. However, such shipments usually require more time, since before going to the final unloading place, the cargo undergoes consolidation and de-consolidation procedures in warehouses before being shipped in accordance with the shipment schedule.
If desired, you can shorten the time of transportation and order a personal transport of a smaller volume for urgent express deliveries.