Freight insurance

Stante Russia provides cargo insurance services for both FTL and LTL-shipments.

All transport provided by our company is insured by the forwarder.

By default, CMR insurance is applied to all the goods we deliver. Payments are made at the rate of only USD 12 per 1 kg of cargo on CMR-insurance in case if the damage occured by the carrier’s fault .

Therefore, we always recommend our customers to additionally insure their cargoes by the All risk-type of insurance. Your shipments are fully insured against all risks (except for those specifically stipulated in the insurance policy).

When determining the insurance tariff, the principle of an individual approach to risk assessment is applied.

The insurance premium is the cost of cargo insurance, as well as the cost of transportation, which the Insured is obligated to pay to the Insurer in the manner and within the time limits prescribed in the cargo insurance contract.

The amount of the insurance premium payable is determined by multiplying the insurance amount by the insurance rate. The insurance premium does not always appear in the insurance policy, but in any case it is indicated in the invoice for payment.

Stante Russia will be able to promptly insure your shipment and make payment as soon as possible.