Stante Russia can arrange transportation using various types of transport: sea, road, rail or air. Using multimodal transportation can reduce delivery time and cost as well as provide convenience and flexibility.

Our experts will provide with appropriate information about all the stages of the multi-modal transportation, provide full support for multi-modal container traffic “from door to door”. The universality of this type of shipping can provide deliveries of many types of cargo by any transport.

Our company has strong links with partners around the world and provides multimodal container transport via partners in eastern port of Vladivostok, Nakhodka, Kotka, Riga, Tallinn, St. Petersburg and Novorossiysk. We have a well-developed network of agents throughout the world. Our company provides container transportation of cargo in all directions in the Western Europe, Middle East, Southeast Asia, and other parts of the globe.


We will support you with full services:

  • Supply of containers for loading/unloading, return of empty containers
  • Preparation of the necessary set of documents
  • Organization of cargo handling in the port and shipping by road or railway transport to the recipient
  • Port forwarding
  • Organization of delivery to the unloading point
  • Booking the vessels
  • Insurance of the cargo
  • Keeping track of the cargo