The global network of air cargo is carried out thanks to our collaboration with major airlines and a network of agents and offices around the world. Our global air transportation network together with a system of land and sea transportation provides “door to door” system service throughout Europe from Italy to Russia, on the territory of Russia.

In Russia, our staff will provide complex services, with the ability to respond quickly and to prevent the risk of delays. The Air Department cooperates with the best airlines and partners.

Most of the arriving cargo is handled at the terminal “Vnukovo Cargo”, “Sheremetyevo-Cargo” and also Domodedovo airport, which allows interacting with Customs Control and organizing the trucks as quickly as possible.

Airport services:

  • Organization of import/export of cargo
  • Organization of the customs clearance in the airports
  • Deconsolidation of cargo
  • Organization of road transportation after customs clearance procedures
  • Temporary storage of goods in the partner warehouse, located nearby Sheremetievo airport
  • Photography, rapid processing cargo control, sealing.

In Italy, we can offer our clients air cargo transportation services with a responsible storage of goods in our warehouses. Receiving and sending of goods is guaranteed throughout Italy. Delivery to the airports is made by shuttles, provided by the company, who go daily to all airports in Italy.

STANTE Group is an official agent of IATA, the registered number is 38.4.7378. Air freight is carried out from Europe, Middle East, USA and Latin America. All the procedures are certificated in accordance with the Standard ISO 9001:2008.